Sibematic CBS

The emergency lighting system Type "Sibematic" is a central battery system according to VDE 0108-100, DIN EN 50171 and DIN EN 50172. All switching, charging and monitoring devices are installed in a common casing. In addition to that, there is the possibility of integrating an extra compartment unit for a battery. The installed contactor groups are free programmable (continuous light or stand-by light) and can be triggered by the connected I/O-Modules. The final circuits are electrically protected by safety elements (fuses) and provide the connected luminaires reliably with energy in the mains supply and battery operation mode.

System features:

  • Maximum output: 100kW
  • Fully automatic computer-controlled monitoring system
  • Modular construction
  • Sheet steel floor-standing cabinet
  • Freely programmable for continuous light or sand-by-light
  • Selected single light or circuit monitoring (optional)
  • Central monitoring even with sub-stations
  • Free programming of all installation and customer data through connectable PC possible
  • Individual light monitoring with target site information in clear text
  • Internal and external bus system
  • Automatic hardware recognition even for modules plugged in afterwards

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