BSV-Battery for 230V AC consumers

The capacity of the battery is designed for an operating time of 3 hours. The duration can be reduced to one hour if a second autonomous emergency power supply is installed which can ensure the minimum operating duration of 3 hours. The switching time is adjustable from 0,5s to 15s depending on the type of consumer. The BSV system takes over the power supply of the consumers as soon as the mains input voltage declines under less than 90% of the nominal voltage. 

Essential components of the BSV:

  • Constant voltage charging device with IUoU-characteristics for charging and topping up the battery with simultaneous feed of the inverter
  • nverter with sinusoidal output voltage for supplying the consumer with 230V alternating voltage
  • Electronic switch device (EUE)
  • External Bypass / Service cabinet
  • Control and monitoring device. A central microprocessor control unit is installed with clear text display for controlling and monitoring the charging device, the battery as well as the display of readings and error messages

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