Charging devices for traction batteries

Electrically powered vehicles (Forklifts, transport carts) for internal logistics have special requirements such as long operating times, low maintenance costs as well as a preferably long service life of the traction battery. GFS charging devices for traction batteries are especially designed to meet these requirements. They are characterized by highest flexibility and easiest operation. Number and range of retrievable information are setting new standards.

These charging devices are able to charge batteries in 6,5-8,5 hours for a three-shift operation or in 8,5-14 hours for the common one- or two-shift operation. A modern processor controller protects the battery against over- and undercharge so the lifetime of the battery is influenced in a positive way.

Clearly visible LED diodes shaped as traffic light indicate the course of charging. Additionally a display shows charging voltage, charging current, Ah charged as well as the charging period.