Inverters 1-phase and 3-phase

Sine wave inverters are used in all the fields where AC loads have to be supplied continuously during a mains failure. The inverter converts the DC-voltage of the battery into a sine wave AC- voltage with constant frequency. To increase the availability of the system the electronic static bypass switches without interruption between inverter and bypass mains input.

Two series are available:

  • The IGBT-inverters of type WG have a long service and design life time due to their robust technology concept. They may be with single phase or three-phase output, with input voltage from 24VDC to 220VDC and in the power range from 1kVA to 120kVA.
  • The modular switch mode inverters are equipped with an electronic static bypass and are connected in parallel in 19“ racks.

IGBT-inverters of type WG - PDF