Emergency Power Supply for 24V Surgical Lights

The capacity of the battery is designed for an operating time of 3 hours. The duration can be reduced to one hour if a second autonomous emergency power supply is installed which can ensure the minimum operating duration of 3 hours. Switch-over time < 0,5s. The BSV system takes over the power supply of the consumers as soon as the mains input voltage declines under less than 90% of the nominal voltage. Voltage drops conditioned by the equipment must be able to be assimilated by ± 5% to the net voltage in stages of ≤ 2%.

Essential components:

  • Modular construction in 19" slide-in technology
  • Processor-controlled DC/DC converter
  • Locking of converter operation during surgeries
  • Remote dimming of the surgical lights is standard
  • Adjustable upper limit of the output voltage
  • Display of output current and voltage per converter
  • Intelligent Bypass-technology
  • Decentral converter technology

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