Power supplies

As standalone version for industrial applications or as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in an industrial version


Emergency power supply devices

For surgical lights and AC-consumer loads


Emergency lighting technology

With single luminaire control and escape route guidance system


Traction battery chargers

Our charging systems provide gentle charging of traction batteries for forklifts, electrical elevating platforms etc.



For direct- and alternating-current loads, power supplies, power inverters and UPS-Systems


Equipment technology

  • Rectifiers in PWM-, IGBT- and thyristor technology
  • PWM-Inverters with IGBT-Bridge
  • Emergency power supply devices
  • Central and group battery systems for emergency lighting systems
  • Two-source DC-supply with PLC controlled changeover switching
  • DC distribution
  • Two-source AC-supply with PLC controlled changeover switching
  • AC distribution
  • Traction battery chargers
  • Power transformers up to 250kVA


Fields of application

  • Auxiliary power installations for energy objects
  • Switching stations for wind energy plants
  • Emergency lighting systems for public buildings
  • Power supplies for railway signalling systems
  • Additional emergency power supply for hospitals
  • Secure power supplies for industrial process technologies
  • Charging stations for traction batteries